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Never not a good idea
explore: santa monicaI have a soft spot for Santa Monica. In 2011, after the last MLA interview I’ll ever do, Tony and…View Post
love: best of 2013A very brief (well, OK, actually kind of long) review of some of the best things that I read, ate,…View Post
love: buvetteOn Friday night, after the very fun Gallatin holiday party at Le Poisson Rouge, T and I walked up…View Post
look: i see a red chair and i want to paint it blackBecause why should I be the only one with that song stuck in my head for days? Thanks for nothing,…View Post
How to kill a bug, part 2
How to kill a bug (1/2)
explore: astoria parkA few shots in the sunset tonight down at Astoria Park and the river, playing with my 50mm/1.8…View Post
love: engineering printsMost of the many hours I waste on design-porn websites are totally wasted – I’m only juuust getting…View Post
taste: cold poached salmon & pimm’sPimm’s is the taste of a British summer, and any pub will serve it by the jug once the weather…View Post